24 Feb 2017 - Centre news

Copyright © Wellcome trust centre for Cell-Matrix Research Press release: Yang, N., Williams, J., Pekovic-Vaughan, V., Wang, P., Olabi, S., McConnell, J., Gossan, N., Hughes, A., Cheung, J., Streuli, C.H.* and Meng, Q.-J.* (2017) Cellular mechano-environment regulates the mammary circadian clock. Nat Commun. 8, 14287. PubMed.*Joint senior/contributing authors.

Grants awarded 

Charles Streuli (with Marco Domingos, Alberto Saiani, and Guillaume Saint-Peirre of PeptideGelDesign, and Deepak Kalaskar, London), European Commission - Horizon 2020. Customisable Bioink Technology Platform

Press release

Yang, N., Williams, J., Pekovic-Vaughan, V., Wang, P., Olabi, S., McConnell, J., Gossan, N., Hughes, A., Cheung, J., Streuli, C.H.* and Meng, Q.-J.* (2017) Cellular mechano-environment regulates the mammary circadian clock. Nat Commun. 8, 14287. PubMed.*Joint senior/contributing authors.

Press releases: manchester.ac.uk, Manchester Breast Centre, MCRC

Papers published

Dudek, M., Yang, N., Ruckshanthi, J.P.D., Williams, J., Borysiewicz, E., Wang, P., Adamson, A., Li, J., Bateman, J.F., White, M.R., Boot-Handford, R.P., Hoyland, J.A. and Meng, Q.-J. (2016) The intervertebral disc contains intrinsic circadian clocks that are regulated by age and cytokines and linked to degeneration. Ann Rheum Dis. 76, 576-584. PubMed

Hasnain, S.Z., Dawson, P.A., Lourie, R., Hutson, P., Tong, H., Grencis, R.K., McGuckin, M.A. and Thornton, D.J. (2017) Immune-Driven Alterations In Mucin Sulphation is an Important Mediator of Trichuris Muris Helminth Expulsion. PLoS Pathog. 13, e1006218. PubMed

Papers accepted

Rückerl, D., Campbell, S.M., Duncan, S., Sutherland, T.E., Jenkins, S.J., Hewitson, J.P.,  Barr, T.A., Jackson-Jones, L.H., Maizels, R.M. and Allen, J.E. Macrophage Origin Limits Functional Plasticity in Helminth-Bacterial Co-infection.  PLOS Pathog. In press. 

Wood, A., Sun, H., Williams, J., Brennan, K., Gilmore, A.P. and Streuli, C.H. 3D breast culture models: New culture models for analysing breast development and function. In Organoids and mini-organs Elsevier. In press.

Conferences, invited seminars and meetings

Judi Allen, Merseyside Immunology Group Seminar Series Speaker.  Liverpool, 1 February.  Learning from helminths: Type 2 immunity and Tissue Repair

Clair Baldock, International Conference on Collagen VI Disorders organised by CureCMD and NIH, Washington DC, USA, 24-25 February. Collagen VI higher order structure

Christoph Ballestrem,University of Magdeburg, Germany, 14 February. Molecular complexes in cell matrix adhesions regulating force transduction

Karl Kadler, Danish Sports Congress, 2 February. Diurnal regulation of tissue – when to train and perform during the day in order to get best performance and avoid injuries?

Martin Schwartz, University of Leeds,  9 February.  Flow mechanotransduction in endothelial cells

University of Kent, 14 February. Mechanisms of fluid shear stress mechanotransduction

Gordon Research Conference on Fibronectin, Integrins & Related Molecules, Ventura, California, USA, 29 January - 2 February

Jennifer Allen and Pat Caswell presented posters. 

Martin Humphries was one of the poster judges.

Qing Jun Meng was an invited speaker, The ECM-dependent mammary circadian clock. GRC Fibronectin and Integrins

Charles Streuli was the chair of the conference and session chair for the Keynote Session: Extracellular Matrix in Tissue Function

Jennifer Allen was a speaker, Integrin-Driven Invasion in Ovarian Cancer, and Charles Streuli was a session chair and at the associated Gordon Research Seminar.

Upcoming seminars

John Couchman, University of Copenhagen, 11am, 21 March, Michael Smith LT. Syndecans – gatekeepers of the cell adhesion phenotype

Shireen Lamande, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Melbourne, 1pm, 24 March, Michael Smith LT. TBC

Paul DeAngelis, University of Olkahoma, 11am, 3 May, Michael Smith LT. Glycosaminoglycan Engineering: Towards Novel Polymers, New Tools, & Next-Gen Therapeutics

New staff

James O’Connell has been recruited as a postdoc on a grant funded by the local breast cancer charity, Prevent Breast Cancer. The grant is The molecular basis of mammographic density and breast cancer risk and was awarded to Charles Streuli (with Mike Sherratt, Sue Astley, Cliona Kirwan, Ashu Gandhi, and David Bentley, Illumina). Angela Marsden is a part-time technician on the grant, who is collecting breast samples for the study at the Nightingale clinic.

Stella Pearson has joined the Allen Lab as a Research Technician. 

Other news

Judi Allen attended a joint meeting of Panel Chairs from all 2016 ERC Calls on 7 February in Brussels.

Karl Kadler attended the ARUK Disease Sub-Committee meeting held at the Academy of Medical Sciences building, London on 14-15 February. The next call is focused on Cure.

Rachel Lennon has been invited to be a regular committee member of the Wellcome Trust Expert Review group: Physiology in Health and Disease.