22 Jan 2015 - Integrin activation-dependent signalling

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By following up the role of one of these changes, we have determined that active integrin complexes establish an environment that stabilises microtubules at the cell periphery.

Background: Integrin receptor activation enables cellular responses to the chemical, mechanical and topological features of the extracellular microenvironment. Here, using a proteomic approach, we have defined the changes in adhesion complex composition that are induced by integrin activation.

Importance: The large dataset generated through this work provides a resource for the interrogation of the global molecular connections that link integrin activation to adhesion signalling.

Byron, A., Askari, J.A., Humphries, J.D., Jacquemet, G., Koper, E.J., Warwood, S., Choi, C.K., Stroud, M.J., Chen, C.S., Knight, D. and Humphries, M.J. (2015). A proteomic approach reveals integrin activation state-dependent control of microtubule cortical targeting. Nature Comm. 6, 6135. PubMed