16 Jun 2017 - Centre news

Congratulations to Christoph Ballestrem, Martin Humphries and Mark Travis on their successful BBSRC grant applications!  The Centre held it’s summer symposium on 15 June and a big thank you to all the postdocs and students who responded to the call for abstracts.  A small team of Group Leaders Read more

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12 May 2017 - Centre news

Rachel Lennon was interviewed by Wellcome for their project on the perception of experts in society #ExpertDebate. Broadcast via twitter. Read more


24 Mar 2017 - Centre news

Lots of visitors to the Centre over the last month with the Labs being kept busy training people on new techniques!  Sian Baldock from the University of Leicester visited the Thornton Lab for collaborative work on the interaction of P. aeruginosa with respiratory mucins in mystic fibrosis from 6-7 Read more


24 Feb 2017 - Centre news

Press release: Yang, N., Williams, J., Pekovic-Vaughan, V., Wang, P., Olabi, S., McConnell, J., Gossan, N., Hughes, A., Cheung, J., Streuli, C.H.* and Meng, Q.-J.* (2017) Cellular mechano-environment regulates the mammary circadian clock. Nat Commun. 8, 14287. PubMed.*Joint senior/contributing Read more


27 Jan 2017 - Centre news

The family-focussed take-over of the Manchester Museum that is Body Experience will go ahead for the 7th year running on 18 March 2017 at the Manchester Museum. We will fill the museum with all things biology, medicine and health. For those of you who are not familiar, here is a taster. Read more


09 Dec 2016 - Centre news

We are delighted to announce that the Wellcome Centre for Cell-Matrix Research (WCCMR) has been renewed, to 2021.  The WCCMR is one of 15 Wellcome Centres that cover biomedical research, the medical humanities, social societies and translational research. The renewal brings together 20 academic Read more


18 Nov 2016 - Centre news

The week of the Manchester Science Festival was a busy one indeed! We hosted 5 days of Autumn Studio session at The Whitworth, alongside Sally Gilford and others. The week was a busy one, with over 400 prints made, all inspired by the research of the Cell Matrix Centre and the current exhibitions in Read more

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28 Oct 2016 - Centre news

Last week saw the Centre partner with local artist Sally Gilford and the Whitworth Gallery to host a week-long series of Primary School Masterclasses for 150 pupils from across Greater Manchester. Many thanks to all the Centre members (Jen Allen, Christoph Ballestrem, Ajanta Chakraborty, Stefano Read more

07 Oct 2016 - Centre news

Centre members in the press:  Charles Streuli’s paper in Developmental Cell (citation below) This article achieved a high Altmetric score of 274 - this is the 2nd top score in Dev Cell ever, and it is in the top 5% of bioscience papers ever recorded by Altmetric. It also featured in a Developmental Read more


23 Sep 2016 - Centre news

Press release:   Qing-Jun Meng was interviewed by BBC Radio Stoke and his paper (see below) was highlighted by Nature Reviews Rheumatology.   Dudek, M., Yang, N., Ruckshanthi, J.P., Williams, J., Borysiewicz, E., Wang, P., Adamson, A., Li, J., Bateman, J.F., White, M.R., Boot-Handford, Read more

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19 Aug 2016 - Centre news

New BBSRC grant success for Christoph Ballestrem and Martin Humphries. The three year project on "Orchestration of adhesion signalling by the mechanosensors talin and vinculin" will begin in October 2016. Read more


22 Jul 2016 - Centre news

Congratulations to Martin Humhries and Rachel Lennon on receiving funding for the next 5 years! Martin has been awarded a Cancer Research UK programme grant entitled "Stromal rigidity as a driver of pancreatic cancer cell proliferation" whilst Rachel now holds a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Read more


01 Jul 2016 - Centre news

Christoph Ballestrem has secured a Wellcome Trust Multi user equipment grant to the Bioimaging facility: “Molecular Imaging (FLIM/FCS) toolbox” to investigate molecular interactions and activation in super-resolution and widefield mode. (with Hilary Ashe, Pat  Caswell, Dan Davis, Karl Kadler, Nancy Read more


20 May 2016 - Centre news

Visitors to the Centre:   Adi Shiloah from Elazar Zelzer’s lab at the Weizmann Institute visited the Kadler Lab from 3-6 May to learn IMOD and 3D reconstruction as part of the Lord Alliance collaboration between WTCCMR and the Weizmann Institute, Israel.  Read more


29 Apr 2016 - Centre news

Recent conversations with the Whitworth Art Gallery have led to an exciting new collaborative opportunity for the Cell-Matrix to work with the gallery and present a week-long interactive workshop exploring 'What makes us human?'. This workshop will build on the ever-popular Masterclass workshops, Read more


08 Apr 2016 - Centre news

Our Centre Director, Karl Kadler, was awarded the prestigious Fell-Muir award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to matrix biology.  Karl delivered his prize talk,  “The molecular basis of circadian clock regulation of connective tissue homeostasis”,  at the BSMB Spring meeting in Read more


16 Mar 2016 - Centre news

Visitors to the Centre: Margaret Frame, Edinburgh Cancer Research UK Centre, University of Edinburgh, 23 February. Cancer cell polarization and immune evasion in the niche; co-regulation by the multitasking Focal Adhesion Kinase.      Brian Stramer, King’s College London, 8 March. Macrophage Read more


12 Feb 2016 - Centre news

Clair Baldock's paper features in the press around the world while Javier Redondo-Munoz discusses his research on the Spanish language radio station Radio X Londres. Grant success for Rachel Lennon who has been awarded BBSRC Industrial PhD studentship with GlaxoSmithKline. Congratulations to Felipe Read more

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27 Jan 2016 - Centre news

Following on from the fantastic collaborative exhibition between local artist Sally Gilford and Christoph Ballestrem, Tony Day and Andrew Gilmore, you can now buy Centre inspired work!     New grants for Tony Day.     Welcome to new PhD student Venkatesh Mallikarjun to Joe Swift's Lab and good luck Read more


04 Dec 2015 - Centre news

Two Centre papers feature on journal front covers: Tony Day's paper "Metal ion-dependent heavy chain transfer activity of TSG-6 mediates assembly of the cumulus oocyte matrix" featured on the front cover of the Journal of Cell Biology. While Martin Humphries and his lab's paper " Definition of a Read more


13 Nov 2015 - Centre news

Grants awarded:  Sarah Woolner with Georgina Stooke-Vaughan and Dave Spiller, Wellcome Trust ISSF Strategic Award in Single Cell Research, November 2015-November 2016, Developing approaches to combine imaging and biomechanics in the Light Sheet Microscope.       Ahmet Ucar with Charles Streuli and Read more

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02 Oct 2015 - Centre news

Get Connected 5:  Qing-Jun Meng, Marghe Scarcia, Helen Williams and Nan Yang did a fantastic job of organising this year’s Get Connected conference. It was a great success with lots of exciting and novel talks and discussion. Congratulations to Elena Valdambrini for winning the poster prize for her Read more


24 Jul 2015 - Centre news

Grants awarded:    Tom Jowitt and Rachel Lennon (with Paul Brenchley and Edward Mckenzie), Kidney Research UK, August 2015-August 2018. Blocking PLA2R receptor activation on podocytes with soluble epitope peptide can modulate the pathological effects of anti-PLA2R:  a new therapy for preventing Read more

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26 Jun 2015 - Centre news

Press release Qing-Jun Meng’s ARUK Senior Fellowship Award and related research has been featured on: That’s Manchester TV headline news  BBC Radio interview University of Manchester highlighted news Read more

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22 May 2015 - Centre news

The Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support in partnership with the Public Programmes Team at the Nowgen Centre hosted a celebration event showcasing and exploring creative engagement with research. Sally Gilford attended to showcase her ongoing exhibition ‘Immortality’ in collaboration with Read more


08 May 2015 - Centre news

Grants awarded:   Tim Hardingham together with Sue Kimber and Mona Dvir-Ginsberg (Israel), Arthritis Research UK, 2015-2018. Enhancing chondrogenesis via modulation of Sirt1 activity to enhance cartilage repair Read more

dave on swim-aefd9235322f14a5c0d6bf6c89e3a450.jpg

24 Apr 2015 - Centre news

Grants awarded: Tom Jowitt and Rachel Lennon with Paul Brenchley from FMHS, Kidney Research UK, PhD studentship, October 2015-2018. Autoantibody inhibition with peptides as a novel targeted therapy for autoimmune membranous nephropathy. Charity fundraising: Martin Humphries and Dave Thornton took Read more


10 Apr 2015 - Centre news

Thursday 9 April saw Islington Mill host 'Immortality', a Work in Progress Exhibition by Sally Gilford in collaboration with the Centre. The exhibition was bustling all evening, with music and refreshments and lots of talk about what inspired the exhibition. Thanks to all those who came along. Next Read more


27 Mar 2015 - Centre news

Grants awarded:  Qing-Jun Meng, Arthritis Research UK Senior Research Fellowship, 2015-2020. Targeting circadian clocks in cartilage towards therapies for joint diseases. Read more


12 Mar 2015 - Centre news

Dave Thornton is taking part in the 2015 Swimathon to raise money for Marie Curie. Dave and four other FLT members will swim 5K on Saturday 18th April at the Aquatics Centre. You can sponsor Dave here Read more

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 15.48.36-b97fa9e15632b69a6d231d3a6599634b.png

27 Feb 2015 - Centre news

Minute Lectures-Super Kidney: Rachel Lennon and her lab have worked with the Social Media Intern Team in the Faculty of Life Sciences to produce a great animated research summary on how the kidney works. The next installment is in progress, all about Alport Syndrome. Watch the video of Super Kidney Read more

Book Club-ace4ebe6c5d8171114102e1dc9dcce0c.jpg

13 Feb 2015 - Centre news

Hilary Ashe, Ellie Shuttleworth and Sarah Woolner attended the meeting of the Burnage Reading Group on Friday 6 February to discuss The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. Feedback from the evening speaks for itself: I run the reading group which the 3 researchers came to last Read more


30 Jan 2015 - Centre news

Grants awarded: Qing-Jun Meng with Vanja Pekovic-Vaughan (Liverpool) and Daryl Shanley (Liverpool), MICRA Seedcorn Funding (MICRA/Age UK joint award), January-July 2015, miRNA signatures in aged brain regions regulating cognition and biological timing.   Joe Swift with Stephen Richardson (FMHS), Read more

Knee Joint of a Mouse - Louise Kung RBH Lab-fd1e3ebdae6f4ca8b3b25d984fa15bc4.jpg

17 Dec 2014 - Centre news

Congratulations to: Louise Kung for winning the Centre image competition and to Stuart Cain for receiving second place. Thank you to all those who entered.                                                                                                                                                 Read more

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28 Nov 2014 - Centre news

Book Club: We have had lots of interest from local book groups in reading out latest text, The Emperor of all Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee. Ceri has sent copies out to the Forum Library in Wythenshawe so the reading group will be discussing this text in the New Year (date Read more

download (1)-489cd14211be15d1d575f9f6737a1ce1.jpeg

14 Nov 2014 - Centre news

Viva success for Centre PhD students: Holly Birchenough (The Biophysical Characterisation of TSG-6: A Structural and Functional Investigation, Day lab) & Heather Davies (Investigation of the gastrointestinal mucus barrier: identification of the polymeric mucins, their structure and interacting Read more

24 Oct 2014 - Centre news

Grants awarded:  Tony Day, Fight for Sight/National Eye Research Centre Small Grant Award. Investigating epigenetic modifications in the etiology of age-related macular degeneration.                                                                                                    Cay Kielty, MRC Read more

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10 Oct 2014 - Centre news

Grants awarded:     Cay Kielty, UK Regenerative Medicine Platform, “Engineering and Exploiting the Stem Cell Niche” Hub. Extracellular matrix products for niche biomaterials and biology (2014-2016).  Read more


26 Sep 2014 - Centre news

Grants awarded:  Cay Kielty, EPSRC & MRC, High-content cell screening equipment, through Centre for Doctoral Training.         Rachel Lennon and Jeff Miner (Washington University) in collaboration with Martin Humphries and Karl Kadler, Kidney Research UK, October 2014 - September 2016, Read more

download (2)-fbe85edf2a0987e355f5efcc8faca2ea.jpeg

10 Jul 2014 - Centre news

Grants:    Tony Day co-applicant with Paul Bishop, Simon Clark, Richard D. Unwin, Andrwe Dowsey, Graeme Black and Garth Cooper, Fight for Sight Project Grant, Sep 2014 - Aug 2017, Elucidation of molecular mechanisms underpinning disease initiation and progression in age related macular Read more


13 Jun 2014 - Centre news

Grants Charles Streuli, Oct 2014 to Jan 2017, Breast Cancer Campaign commissioned research project grant, together with Sacha Howell, Gareth Evans, Tony Howell, Sue Astley, Mike Sherratt, Rob Clarke, of the  Manchester Breast Centre. A pilot breast cancer prevention study of the antiprogestin Read more


07 May 2014 - Centre news

Grants awarded                    Christoph Ballestrem and Rachel Lennon, July 2014 - June 2017, Kids Kidney Research project grant, The role of vinculin in regulating force force in glomerular podocytes                     Pat Caswell, AICR project grant, July 2014 - June 2017, Integrin driven Read more


04 Apr 2014 - Centre news

Grants awarded                                                                            Cay Kielty, MRC project grant, May 2014-June 2017. Pericellular mechanisms of fibrillin microfibril assembly               Press release                                                              Read more


21 Jan 2014 - Centre news

New grants:  Dave Thornton, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics Inc, May 2014-April 2015, MUC5B processing in normal and CF airway.     Charles Streuli, Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Appeal, small pilot grant with Mike Sherratt, Ashu Gandhi, Cliona Kirwan. The molecular basis of Read more

VUM SNOW10-6a29a5899ca9005236cbe2da79d17579.jpg

19 Dec 2013 - Centre news

New grants in the Centre: Pat Caswell, Wellcome Trust enhancement award, Jan 2014-Jul 2015, Reprogramming the actin cytoskeleton for migration in 3D-matrix: a new integrin mediated mechanism driving cell invasion Karl Kadler, Wellcome Trust enhancement award, Jan 2014-Dec 2015, Towards a molecular Read more

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 08.30.28-8f224520f9b086b6086a694039425c5e.png

29 Nov 2013 - Centre news

Press release Ray Boot-Handford’s work featured on the front page of the Daily Express Read more


30 Sep 2013 - Centre news

Natural History Museum, London - 'Science Uncovered' Friday 27 September saw the Centre's most high-profile public event yet: 'Science Uncovered' at the Natural History Museum in London is what they describe as 'the museum's greatest show of the year' and marks the Europe-wide event, European Read more

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 08.15.32-de4a9b10e91f81538d5cf498d0bdfb36.png

16 Aug 2013 - Centre news

It's been a very busy couple of weeks for the Centre's public engagement programme. Mid-July saw the centre's flagship "Welcome to the Matrix" event take place for the 7th consecutive year. Read more