GET CONNECTED 4: The Cellular Matrix Microenvironment. 10-12 September 2014


The aim of the conference is to showcase fresh and exciting work from the fields of extracellular matrix, cell-matrix and cell-cell adhesion research, with sessions centered on the theme of the cell-matrix microenvironment

Each session will have one plenary lecture and several talks chosen from abstracts. There will also be 2 poster sessions. 

The meeting will start on Wednesday afternoon 10 September and finish at lunchtime on Friday 12 September. The timing is planned to minimise travel costs to and from Manchester, The registration fee is only £100, which is as low as it possibly can be.

Session topics and keynote speakers


Plenary lecture

Anne Ridley, King's College, London


Microenvironment: Growth factors and matrix crosstalk

Victoria Sanz-Moreno, King's College, London


The stem cell microenvironment

Charles ffrench-Constant, University of Edinburgh


Global analyses of the cellular microenvironment

Rachel Lennon, University of Manchester


Impact of the microenvironment on tumorigenesis

Ilaria Malanchi, London Research Institute


The tissue microenvironment during development

Nick Brown, Gurdon Institute, Cambridge


Quantitative imaging of the cellular mircoenvironment

Staffan Stromblan, Karolinska Institute, Sweden


Therapeutics targeting microenvironment-associated disease

Simon Goodman, Merck, Germany

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