The Cell-Matrix Centre have provided content and advice on the development of a number of large-scale exhibitions over the past few years including:


All About Us

At At-Bristol, a registered charity and one of the UK’s leading science and discovery centres.


The exhibition aims to engage the public in biomedical science and provide the tools to get visitors of all ages investigating the nature of being human.


By means of an interactive ‘Cell Station’, visitors to the exhibition are able to interact with tactile 3-D models of cells from nerve cells to bone cells and learn what is special about each cell type that allows them to carry out a specific function.


The Centre has provided a vast range of imagery to depict the various cell types we work on, as well as scientific content to describe the role of different cells in human biology and how they make us human.


‘All About Me’

The brand new exhibition at Eureka! in Halifax, the national Children’s Museum in the heart of Yorkshire.