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An interdisciplinary research centre embedded within the Faculty of Life Sciences at The University of Manchester.

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Vision: To determine the mechanisms underpinning how cell-matrix interactions control normal tissue formation and function, and how their disruption causes disease. 

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Join artists and scientists to discover, play and create together with your family this summer at the Whitworth.  Explore what makes us human and how living things respond to the world around them.  Look at the Whitworth with new eyes together with scientists and get closer than ever to our collections. Be inspired by patterns in art and nature to create your own colourful artworks to take home.  This event was drop-in and designed for all ages. 11am-3pm and will be held on Tuesday 26th July Read more

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New BBSRC grant success for Christoph Ballestrem and Martin Humphries. The three year project on "Orchestration of adhesion signalling by the mechanosensors talin and vinculin" will begin in October 2016. Read more

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The dataset includes both well-characterized and novel adhesion-regulated phosphorylation events. Kinase prediction analysis identifies novel kinases with putative roles in adhesion signalling including CDK1, inhibition of which reduces adhesion complex formation. Read more


We have discovered that in addition to CCL5, CXCL8 and CXCL11, TSG-6 interacts with at least 7 other chemokines (i.e. CCL2, CCL7, CCL19, CCL21, CCL27, CXCL4, and CXCL12) including those involved in both homeostatic and inflammatory functions. TSG-6 interacts (via its Link module) with the GAG-binding site on the chemokines, thereby inhibiting the binding of chemokines to GAGs and their presentation on endothelial cells; TSG-6 also inhibits the binding of chemokines to collagen, providing another Read more