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An interdisciplinary research centre embedded within the Faculty of Life Sciences at The University of Manchester.

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We have established an exciting new collaboration with screen print artist, Sally Gilford of One69A to be exhibited in North Tea Power in the Northern Quarter in Manchester soon.     Read more

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Grants awarded:  Cay Kielty, EPSRC & MRC, High-content cell screening equipment, through Centre for Doctoral Training.         Rachel Lennon and Jeff Miner (Washington University) in collaboration with Martin Humphries and Karl Kadler, Kidney Research UK, October 2014 - September 2016, Interrogating basement membrane composition and organisation to understand disease mechanisms in Alport syndrome. Read more

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Circadian clocks control all sorts of aspects of our physiology and they help our bodies to anticipate for changes that occur in the 24-hour day. In fact they have a crucial role in many tissues. However, very little is known about what circadian clocks do in tissues such as tendon, or what happens if they go wrong. Read more


Collagen fibrils are the major tensile element in vertebrate tissues, where they occur as ordered bundles in the extracellular matrix. Basic science and clinical researchers routinely measure collagen fibril diameters to understand tissue pathology, but until now there has been no consistent method for quantitating 3D collagen fibril organisation. Even though collagen fibrils can be 500 nm in diameter and several millimetres in length, they are at the limit of resolution of light microscopes Read more